What are the Innovation Awards?

The Integrated Care Leadership Program (ICLP) supports the successful integration of behavioral health and primary care services at participating sites by awarding up to five (5) innovation grants intended to support projects aimed at jumpstarting systems change towards the achievement of integrated care. These grants will provide $5,000 for one (1) year of funding and may be eligible for renewal based on favorable progress on identified project goals and availability of funding.

Funded projects may include initiatives that target any of the following domains:

  • Strengthening capacity
    • Staff training (e.g., send team members to offsite training relevant to integrated care, or bring consultant on site)
    • Purchase of materials to increase knowledge or skills (e.g., purchase videos or other materials for in-service or brown bag lunches)
  • Practice enhancement
    • Purchase of screening tools or relevant materials (e.g., iPads/tablets for quick administration of screening tools)
    • Provide lunch for monthly team case reviews (must be tied to measurable outcome to demonstrate positive impact)
  • Quality or process improvement
    • Enhanced cross disciplinary communication
    • Environmental changes (e.g., signage, or waiting room area materials) that foster atmosphere conducive to holistic care.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider selecting projects designed to target areas of deficit identified through their baseline readiness assessments

Participating ICLP practices are eligible to apply for innovation awards. Awardees will be selected based on the merit of the submitted proposals, the relevance of the proposed projects to the advancement of integrated care and health equity.

Awardees are required to:

  • Complete all required forms (e.g., sub-award agreement, scope of work, contract routing form, etc.).
  • Evaluate their project impact and outcomes. The ICLP leadership team will provide technical assistance.
  • Submit an end-of-project report within one month of the project end date. The ICLP leadership team will provide a template.


For more information and access to the application forms, please contact us at integratedcare@msm.edu.